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Expericence The Real Change

New process, New technology, New function, New future Skin detection, Skin management, Science and technology health care

SOG,comes from lsrael’s high-end skin and black TechnologyBased on modem people’s pursuit of beauty and healthIntegrating beauty technology into life.

Effectively solve skin and health problems for beauty lovers.

Its excellent nursing role and hospital level nursing experienceWon the favor of many beauty lovers and attracted the attention of the industry.



improving the quality of human lifewith technology


Committed to the R & D and promotion ofintelligent technology


allowing each consumer to experience thereal changes brought by top innovative technologies


New process,New technology, New function.New future


SOG adopts a dedicated and professional scientific research attitude,Committed to theresearch, development and promotion of great health medical beauty,Committed toproviding cutting-edge high-quality equipment and industrial solutions for globaindustry partners,We are committed to solving skin and health problems for themajority of consumers with the remarkable beauty technology achievements,Helpevery consumer experience the real change brought by the top innovative technology


To improve the quality of human life with science and technologyTake leading the industry reform as the mission and goal

Scientific research team

Experienced and well-known experts from all over the worldlt has a number of independent R & D technologiesAnd passed the laboratory and clinical verification

All items

Jointly created by lsraeli and Chinese expert teamsThe quality takes the internationally strict US FDA and European CEas the factory standards